Removing user My Sites

I recently was investigating how to clean up a SharePoint Farm of users who have left an organisation.

One annoying thing I found hard to locate a ‘how to’ was about removing a users My Site from the Shared Service Provider. It’s actually really simple.

You can easily enough just delete the personal Site Collection (as every users My Site is a separate Site Coll) and this will remove it. However this will leave loose ends as if the user returns the will not be able to create a new my site as the profile has a property called ‘Personal Site’ with the relative url to their my site location.

You could also just delete the profile itself from the profiles DB, but the my site Site Collection for that user will still exist. This may be acceptable if you can tolerate the disk space for each user My Site being left in the DB. So if they do return, the user profile will find the existing My Site.

To clean completely, go to the Shared Service Provider where that users profile is stored, go to ‘User profile and properties’ –> ‘View user profiles’ and find the user. Select Manage Personal Site from the drop down and from there you can simply delete the site. Then of course remove the user profilem, and also remove or lock the user in AD otherwise it will re-import again on the next import schedule.

Hope this helps someone else, as I had a difficult time finding any info about how to do this!


Search Results performance

I was trying some fixed query searches today in order to find all documents recently updated across the MOSS farm. So I set up a Core Search Results web part to find all documents throughout all site collections, and view by modified date and return, say, the 10 most recently modified documents.

I got a bit of a shock when I switched between ‘search by relevance’ and ‘search by modified date’ preferences in the query. By Relevance the search took a reasonable ~0.3sec, however by Modified date took a somewhat more sluggish ~7secs, that quite a difference in my books! Not sure why, but I’ll avoid that one in future!