Customise List View page

See previous post for basic steps regarding setting up a DataView.

Open SharePoint Designer (SPD) and edit the dispForm.aspx page of your list. Set up a DataView object on this page that joins your lists, as seen in the previous post.dataviews2_1.jpg

You can modify the layout and text of the Dataview through the ‘Design’ view in SPD, however for more advanced customisations open the ‘Code’ view and start hacking the XSL! Inside the DataFormWebPart (DataView that SPD creates) there is an <XSL > tag where you can modify the html around the data elements, or change the data elements/parameters etc yourself.

Also you can filter the results of this DataView for the current List item. So in my example you have a property, and you may want to see all maintenance items for that property. Go to the ‘Common Data View Tasks’ properties of the webpart, and select ‘Filter…’. Add a new filter, select Field Name as ID and equals “Create New Parameter…”. This creates a new xsl parameter which you can select as the ‘ID’ Querystring parameter of the page, which will filter the list to return only the maintenance items for that property.dataviews2_2.jpg





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