MOSS Content Management Presentation

If anyone happened to be at the Canberra SharePoint Users Group on November 21, where I was co-presenting, I have attached the presentation slides we used. Hope this is useful to some people.

MOSS CMS Case Study – Canberra SharePoint Users Group 21 Nov (ppt ~4Mb)


Hello world!

Well as my first blog, I thought I should introduce myself. My name is Evan, and I’ve been a developer, mainly web, for about six years now. Generally Microsoft apps, C#, .NET, with HTML, javascript, CSS etc, for Government websites and intranets, and other assorted .NET applications.

Since about mid 2006, I’ve been working with SharePoint 2007, at that stage it was in Beta 2. And I’ve got to say, the more I work with SharePoint 2007, the more I learn and enjoy working with the product. At first I was unsure, it looked like a bit of a monster, and trying to put .NETers out of a job! Being a web and .NET developer, I love the fact all the ‘boring’ bits of coding are done for you, and you can work on presentation layers and the ‘fun’ customisations and integrations.

Having said that though, there are negative aspects. It’s that last annoying 1% of things that just are a pain to work around and find fixes for. Whether it’s a minor bug in MOSS, or a technical restriction of the product, these small ‘catches’ can take up so much more than 1% of your time to research or debug.

So why am I writing a blog?

Well, having had to research and ‘trial and error’ my way through problem solving fixes or workarounds, I don’t want to forget them and writing them down somewhere for myself should help. If anyone happens to stumble across this blog while googling in a desperate attempt to fix that seemingly ‘unfixable’ problem, I hope I can share a few bits of suggestions/advice on the same problems I came across when I worked on them. Or at least point out some ways I did things, or things revealed about SharePoint that aren’t well documented anywhere that I’ve happened to discover during my tinkering.

There are heaps of great bloggers out there which is basically the primary source of info for SharePointers looking for solutions. So I think I owe a bit to the SharePoint developers community, having learned so much for all those blogs! Forget the textbooks, after you know the basics of lists and sites, you will soon be spending more time with Google/blogs than you will with your girlfriend/wife/family (if you don’t already hey!).

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